Top Stupendous Boarding Schools of India

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Top Stupendous Boarding Schools of India

Lawrence school, Sanawar

A school with a rich legacy, dating back to British rule


Established in 1847, this boarding school for both boys and girls boasts of an impressive heritage. The school was the dreamchild of Sir Henry Lawrence. A rich legacy, since the days of the British empire, sets it apart from the usual boarding schools in India. Located in Himachal Pradesh, it was the first boarding school in the world that admitted boys as well as girls. The discipline forms a chief component of the values, given to students. The school has given rise to many young men and women who have achieved laurels in their fields. Even today they feel a strong sense of belonging to the institution and tirelessly sing of its merits. The school even has a dedicated museum to itself that portrays its deep rooted pillars of past. Apart from the ample and state of the art academic and extra curricular facilities, this school provides such an environment, that can definitely nurture and mould the of young minds enrolled here. The sense of discipline and responsibility are deeply ingrained in the hearts of students who pass out every year. The students strive earnestly towards their goals without accepting defeat, very true to the school motto, “NEVER GIVE UP”.


Taurian world school

A recently established school, creating a niche for itself


Providing quality education in a short span of time after establishment is not a small task. Founded by Amith Bajla, this school is quickly creating a name for itself in a domain usually dominated by old and prestigious boarding schools. Located in Ranchi Jharkhand, this school promises to deliver quality education to both boys and girls as well as make them a better human being.

This school provides three types of boarding facilities. Students enjoy the latest state of the art infrastructure, get to learn from competent teachers and hone their extra-curricular skills. Few batches of students who have passed out are extremely happy with the guidance they received here and voice their opinions quite happily. The school might not have a rich history or eminent alumni but it is, for certain, moving on the path to producing responsible citizens with every batch.


New Era High School

A school focused on the holistic development of the child


This school was established in 1945 and is proud to be following the universal tenet of Baha’i faith. Not only this school imparts good education to its students but also teaches them to be a good human. Students are encouraged to pursue various extra curricular activities.  The main agenda is to instil good moral values in the child so that they can grow up to be good human beings. Dedicated classes are given to students so that their moral principles are built on correct grounds. More than fifty years old, this school has many proud alumni who can vouch for the wonderful education and life skills they learnt here. A school for both genders, it promises to build a strong future for each one of its student.


Vidya Niketan, Pilani (Birla Public School)

Creating global competence in students


Founded in 1944 by G.D. Birla this school proudly carries forward the legacy of Rirla institutions. Previously known as Shishu Mandir, it is an all boys school whose main emphasis is creating globally competent students. With an impeccable infrastructure and international based academic curriculum, this school provides all the necessities for an all round development. From conducting proper counselling sessions to inculcating a sense of social responsibility in its students, this school leaves no stone unturned for transforming its student into better human beings.


Pathways World School

A school inculcating tradition as well as global values


Recently established in 2003, Pathways has achieved many milestones in providing quality education in schools. It has a curriculum based on international standards and incorporates  state of the art technology in classroom teaching to provide the best learning experience to students. This school also boasts of magnificent infrastructure and unique location in the foothills of Aravalli. The school aims to create modern citizens of the global world who are aware of their social responsibility towards their community as well as nature.


Jayashree Periwal International School

A school that emphasises on instilling good values foremost


Previously known as Step by Step International school, this school believes in developing good virtues in its students. This school teaches its students to live in harmony with nature and be aware of their social responsibility. Following an international curriculum for academics, this school provides state of the art facilities for its numerous extra curricular activities. Creativity is encouraged and nurtured. Also, painstaking efforts are taken to promote holistic development of the students.


Birla International School

Strong traditional values with modern approach


Founded by G.D. Birla, this co-ed school falls under the aegis of Birla education trust. In a few years since its establishment in 2010, it has carved a niche for itself. Following CBSE determined pattern of education, this school refuses to follow the rote learning method of education and instead instils curiosity in minds of its young students. Knowing that every child is different, this school focuses on honing individual skills of every student. Located in Rajasthan, the state of rich cultural heritage, this school aims to inculcate the traditional values as well as the modern outlook in its students.


Oaktree International School

Changing face of education in Eastern India


Recently established in 2011, Oaktree International School is the first co-ed boarding school that follows the international academic curriculum. Determined to provide quality education, this school is making extensive efforts to become a renowned institute for education. State of the art facilities is currently under construction in a tranquil and scenic location in West Bengal.


Choithram School

A compassionate environment to nurture young minds


Founded in 1972 this school firmly believes in its philosophy, “Children At The Heart Of Everything We Do”. Located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, this school tries to provide a nurturing environment to the students that may enable the development of their hidden potential. This school believes in giving utmost attention to developing every aspect of an individual so that they can turn out to be confident and responsible citizens and are at par with global standards.

Kasiga School

Believe in building strong pillars of knowledge

Laying emphasis on a strong academic foundation, Kasiga school promises to infuse in depth knowledge and firm concepts in its education. The caring and compassionate environment provided to students helps them to realize their true potential. With a true belief that every child is unique, the school provides every possible environment to hone their talent. Efforts are taken so that every student can achieve a holistic development.

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