Top 10 Global Education Tools that Indian Schools Can Easily opt for free

Top 10 Global Education Tools that Indian Schools Can Easily opt for free
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With a 70.4% overall literacy rate (according to 2011 census), India needs to make a lot of efforts to change the current situation in the education domain. Digitalisation of the education sector is slowly creeping in through the society with the introduction of smart class etc but the time-worn classroom teaching with blackboard method that is still prevalent.

Modern technology has completely globalised the education sector and if implemented in schools these can alter the mediocre pattern of teaching still practised in most of the schools.

List of Top 10 global education tools that Indian schools can easily opt for free:

Education that is currently being imparted to students is more based on cramming rather than providing knowledge. Incompetent teachers add to the problem and as a result, the basic fundamental right of the child- “the right to education” remains a dream. With quality education becoming a costly commodity, poverty also remains a major factor that is responsible for low literacy in India.

Use Google for education

Why not use the world’s largest search engine that is very easily accessible for the purpose of providing global quality education to the students. With products such as Chromebooks, virtual expeditions, google cloud platform etc. knowledge can easily be shared. These products are within budget and can be shared easily over any device with full access to every student. There are online training classrooms for teachers and many other unique programs for students and teachers. If given access to these resources, students can expand their knowledge and creativity to a wholly new level.

Microsoft education- providing accessible platform for global education

This software giant is creating waves in the field of improving education scenario. With innumerable products designed to promote extensive research, refine learning programs for teachers and students, sharpen the problem-solving ability in children, bring the textbooks to life and enrich the overall learning experience, it is gradually changing the old teaching methodology.

Khan Academy- pioneers in outside classroom teaching


This not-for-profit organisation works tirelessly to make education accessible to every person, be it in classroom or outside. It provides practice exercises, educational videos, and even a personalized dashboard to cater the needs of an individual. It has collaborated with renowned and prestigious institutions such as NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, MIT etc. to present specific high-level content. Scientist, teachers and researchers from all over the world have come together to create a global classroom that benefits students immensely.

edX- A new era online learning destination


Established by the collaboration of Harvard University and MIT, this non-profit online platform has become a major contributor in providing quality education to students all over the world. Many prestigious institutes are a member of this organization and benefit from the improved on campus, online teaching and learning methods. It’s massive open online courses are a boon to students all over the world who have open access to unique and high-level courses at their fingertips.

School in the cloud- Ushering education through self-organized teaching environment

This organization has brought education into lives of millions of children all over the world, especially those living in slums. In situations where people cannot afford to spend money on education, this organization is trying to channel education into devices that are affordable and accessible to them. With this organization, students have free access to unlimited education resources and mentoring. It is kind of a virtual school where students learn themselves from educators all over the world by bridging the gap of inaccessibility.

Scratch – Ignite creativity

A freely available platform that can be accessed from all over the world to give wings to imagination and creativity. Users can create videos, animations etc. and share their ideas and creations with a global audience. It also teaches Systematic reasoning and creative collaboration to the creators thus enhancing their life skills.


Code – Making computer science understandable and affordable


This organization is making efforts to provide people with learning opportunities for computer science. They collaborate with schools and colleges so that young minds can have access and knowledge about computer science. It is also trying to do away with male domination in this field by giving opportunities to women to learn this course. It also promotes this subject amongst minority communities.


Intel education- A student centered approach


With more emphasis on better access to resources, this organization aims to sharpen the skills of students to make them competent for tough competition in their life ahead. It gives educators, access to digital tools, better content and training so that, whatever they teach is of better quality.  Apart from this, they aim to arouse the curiosity of a student for knowledge so that they themselves can explore and learn. More importantly, they aim to inculcate technology in the normal curriculum to enhance the learning experience.


MIT App Inventor – App invention is a child’s play

In this smartphone era, apps rule the world. There are innumerous apps designed to help the user in various ways or improve his or her lifestyle. This web application allows anyone with an innovative idea, to create an app. It even gives newcomers, a rare opportunity to create apps for the Android operating system. Its firm belief is that software and app development should not be a domain that is ruled by the creators. Anyone with an idea or a desire can create technology that is both useful and practical.

Creative cloud – Creativity rules

This organisation focuses on incorporating technology to fuel the creativity of young minds to make them future ready. Adobe education exchange, a free learning platform under this organization promises to provide tools such as teaching material, professional development etc. Their products are designed to inculcate creativity, an utmost requirement in today’s world.

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