Petition to Kill The Blue Whale Challenge Now – Save Life – India

Petition to Kill The Blue Whale Challenge Now – Save Life – India

This petition isn’t one of the regular petitions. If you’ve come across this word “The Blue Whale Challenge” then we are here to deliver this petition to Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji.  Write your comments below in the section and sign the petition.

Is it so easy to commit suicide through a game?

If you do not agree, I would like to tell you about an app. It has taken the internet by storm and individuals from all over the world are taking their own lives through this so called “game”.

The Blue whale challenge is an online app created by a young man called Philipp Budeikin from Russia. It involves giving the participants a series of tasks. The name of the game is derived from the beaching of whales (usually taken as an act of suicide, where whales strand themselves on land, usually a coastal area or a beach and die). Participant is given a series of such horrific tasks which escalates to such a point that after fifty days the participant has to take his or her own life.

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There is still a lot of vagueness regarding how the administrators communicate with the participant. While some reports suggest that the participant needs to download an app, others suggest that the interaction takes place through social media platforms. The game is played over a period of 50 days where every day a gruesome task is given to the participant to perform. As the days pass, the tasks become more and more inhumane. Ultimately the game ends with the final task-Suicide. The person who created the game has said that the purpose of creating the game was to “clean” the society by influencing an individual and pushing him to commit suicide. Some of the tasks given to the participants include waking up at 4:20 A.M., watching psychedelic and horror videos all day, carve various things (whatever the administrator tells you) climbing a crane, doing secret tasks, poking a needle to the arm or leg, standing on the edge of a bridge and roof, listening to music, talking to no one for a day etc. The date and day of participant’s death are to be determined by the administrator and the participant has to accept that.

An alarming number of cases of youngsters committing suicide through this game has come to surface. Youngsters across the globe are becoming targets of this game. They are taking their own lives. This game is literally spreading like wildfire across the globe and increasing number of deaths have become a major issue. The next victim could be anyone.

Through this game, the life of the victim is made so unbearable and numb that the only way to feel alive, is to die. Can you imagine your relative or a friend doing suicide through this? No right?

But it is happening. In India itself, teenagers from Kerala, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Madurai have committed suicide bringing the light on how worse the situation is. In one case, a class VI student, yes, a class VI student has committed suicide through this game. Next victim could be anyone. Your neighbor or even your classmate.

Let us take a step to stop this app from taking any more lives. Let’s reaffirm our belief that every human life is precious and no one should go through the torture of killing themselves. Let’s stand against this internet frenzy that is influencing the mind of young children. Let no parent bear the pain of watching their own child commit suicide through this evil game. Let us stand against Blue Whale Challenge. Say yes to Life.

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